Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bottle deposit scam

Hannaford has evidently partnered with a bottle/can deposit redemption outfit called Clynk.

Our Hannaford removed its machines for bottle & can returns and replaced them with a choice of using one machine (now broken) or their new service called Clynk.  Clynk requires that you place empties in one of their bags, create an account, drop off the bag, and wait for your money to appear in an online account. Sounds simple, but for two items:

  1. Clynk gives you 10 bags when you start, but after that you have to BUY the bags.  That is an added consumer cost.
  2. Instead of getting funds immediately at the store, they are held (our store says 2 days). During that time you do not get the benefit of your money, either Hannaford or Clynk does. This may be small potatoes to you, but after accounting for all the customers, it could and would be massive.
This is sold as an easier way. Here is a quote directly from the Clynk web site:
CLYNK is the only bottle redemption system that allows you to create a personal account, accumulate a balance and use your money at your discretion. CLYNK’s unique database lets you track your personal environmental impact every time you drop a bag at CLYNK. Start saving time, money and the environment.

Wow! I have always wanted to have my own "personal account" so I could "accumulate a balance". It is too bad I can't use the money at my discretion, since when I return empties I do not get the cash in hand, but have to wait.

If Hannaford truly wants to do something for their customers, they will toss this Clynk business immediately. The DEC web page states "A consumer can return empty containers to any store or vendor that sells the same type of container. " So Hannaford should get back to its won business.

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