Thursday, February 9, 2017

Boycott Kentucky!

Mitch McConnell, Senator from Kentucky, has done enough damage, and the positions of Speaker of the House and Senate majority leader have done enough damage.

No person in Congress elected to serve a state or a congressional district should have the power to control what Congress can or cannot do.  That applies no matter which political party claims the position. 

There is no requirement that the Speaker of the House even be in congress. Given that, I have never understood why the Speaker is second in the line of Succession.

Back to McConnell: he has got to go.  The rules may never change, but he has got to leave.

I propose that the people of the United States adopt a "no go" policy towards the state of Kentucky, until such time as Mitch McConnell has left government.  By that I mean:

  • Do not visit the state. (No Mammoth Cave visit, ni Kentucky Derby stay, no Louisville Slugger trip)
  • Do not drive through the state unless you can do so without stopping. Most cars should be able to go the distance across the state on an interstate without needing gas, provided they are topped off before entering the state.
  • Do not fly into, out of, or through Cincinnati's main airport. (Apologies to the city, but they put their airport in Hebron, Kentucky.  The people of Hebron must have been irate when they called this airport CVG, in honor of what looks to be a gerrymandered city about a 15 mile drive away). Watch your Delta connections!
This is not an original idea of mine (see here), but it is time to bring it on. 

Unless and until McConnell is gone from Washington (and only Kentucky can make that happen), shun the state itself. 

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