Friday, February 24, 2017

Time for an attitude adjustment in the USA

The following is part of the platform stated by the US Conservative party (see it here)
* Repeal and Replace The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Support candidates who support legislation that repeals the Affordable Care Act of 2010, aka “ObamaCare”. Support federal lawsuits promulgated by State Attorneys General to halt implementation of said Bill. All new health care solutions should:

1. Provide meaningful Tort Reform that limits liability for pain and suffering. This cuts malpractice premiums and reduces the cost of needless “Defensive” tests.
2. Allow posting of local prescription drug prices on the Internet so that people can shop for the lowest price.
3. Allow individuals and small businesses to purchase health/dental insurance across state and regional lines.
4. Encourage the medical industry to digitize medical practice paperwork to reduce related waste. However, no digital process should ever be mandated that excessively burdens medical practice to the detriment of the doctor patient relationship.
5. Eliminate the Anti-Trust exemptions for Health Insurance companies which currently allow them to collude in setting prices and coverage.
I pick on the Conservative party simply because the current administration seems to be beholden to "conservatism". 

In this platform I see 5 items with which I wholly agree, even though I will never support them if they involve tearing down The Affordable Care Act.  Each and every one of them, if presented properly and calmly and clearly, would probably receive bipartisan support.  Each and every one of them, if presented under the guise of repealing "Obamacare" or as a we-alone-can-solve-this problem solution, would get ungraciously slammed into oblivion.

A message to all political parties: if you wish to guide society to change its ways, your first step must be properly, clearly, and calmly articulating the problem (without placing blame) and your solution (without claiming credit) and try to get society to agree with you by persuasion and not by command. Anything else is doomed. 

Our largest problem here in the US of A is that far too many are in the business of claiming credit and placing blame.  Neither of those businesses help anybody, and the more they remain in control, the quicker our country will implode and explode. If you wish to kill the USA, keep doing what you are doing.

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